Issue56:2016 06 02:Week in Brief Financial

02 June 2016 Week In Brief: BUSINESS AND THE CITY PARKING A PROFIT:  Blackstone, the American owned private equity business which had a good time in the recession buying lots of assets at bargain prices, especially in the property and banking sectors, is cashing in one of its big holdings.   It is selling, through… Continue reading Issue56:2016 06 02:Week in Brief Financial

Issue 9: 2015 07 02: UK News

02 July 2015 Week in Brief: UK NEWS SCOTTISH FUNDING FOR QUEEN: Following a period of misunderstanding by palace officials, the SNP has confirmed that it has no intention of cutting Scotland’s contribution to the costs of funding the monarchy. The contribution to the sovereign grant is paid out of the revenues of the Scottish part… Continue reading Issue 9: 2015 07 02: UK News

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