Issue 103:2017 05 04:Week in Brief International

04 May 2017 Week In Brief: INTERNATIONAL NEWS Europe FRANCE:  The second and final round of the presidential election takes place this Sunday.  The polls show Macron in the lead with 60%, and Marine le Pen with 40%. See comment Et Après?. Marin le Pen stepped down as leader of the National Front to concentrate… Continue reading Issue 103:2017 05 04:Week in Brief International

Issue83:2016 12 08:Eurexit(Neil Tidmarsh)

08 December 2016 Eurexit Change and renewal? Non, merci. Stagnation and decline? Si, per favore. by Neil Tidmarsh Goodbye Hollande, goodbye Renzi; and goodbye to Europe’s prosperity and global influence?  Both leaders came to grief by proposing change and reform which their citizens roundly rejected; but without those changes and reforms, the possibility of Eurexit… Continue reading Issue83:2016 12 08:Eurexit(Neil Tidmarsh)

Issue65: 2016 08 04: Wolf at the door (Neil Tidmarsh)

04 August 2016 Wolf At The Door Trouble in store for Italy. By Neil Tidmarsh The wolf – the symbol of ancient Rome, the saviour of Romulus and Remus – is thriving in today’s Italy.  It was given legal protection in 1971, when its wild population was down to less than 100, and in the… Continue reading Issue65: 2016 08 04: Wolf at the door (Neil Tidmarsh)

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