Issue54 :2016 05 19: Shred the Dosh (J.R. Thomas)

19 May 2016 Shred the Dosh by J.R.Thomas This is not a good time to be rich and powerful in Britain.  The rich are generally not popular: the powerful even less so.  There are compensations of course in having lots of money; the yachts, the supercars, the champagne.  But even so, wealth has slightly lost… Continue reading Issue54 :2016 05 19: Shred the Dosh (J.R. Thomas)

Issue 36:2016 01 14: David Bowie

14 January 2016 David Bowie The soundtrack of our youth by Adam McCormack Whatever the musical trend of the 1970’s and 1980’s, whether glam rock, heavy metal, punk, soul, disco, David Bowie was present alongside it.  While there were elements of all of these genres to be found in his music, he did not get… Continue reading Issue 36:2016 01 14: David Bowie

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