Issue 125: 2017 10 19: Week in Brief: UK

19 October 2017 Week In Brief: UK NEWS Brexit THE EU POSITION: Currently the parties are at something of an impasse. On the one hand the UK Government is not willing (and indeed is politically unable) to improve on the offer made by Mrs May in Florence to fund our share of the current cycle of… Continue reading Issue 125: 2017 10 19: Week in Brief: UK

Issue 18:2015 09 03: Oh Lord

3 September 2015  Oh Lord by J.R. Thomas                                                                                         “Whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”. If this applies to institutions, then maybe it explains what is going on with the House of Lords. Britain’s second parliamentary chamber is now the second largest in the world, with 882 members, surpassed only by that… Continue reading Issue 18:2015 09 03: Oh Lord

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