Issue 54: 2016 05 19:Week in brief international

19 May 2016 Week in Brief: International Europe AUSTRIA: Christian Kern of the Social Democrat party was sworn in as the new Chancellor, following Werner Fayman’s resignation last week.  Chancellor Kern said that his party would govern with the Conservatives and might even work with the far-right Freedom Party. EU: Complaints have been made about… Continue reading Issue 54: 2016 05 19:Week in brief international

Issue 31: 2015 12 03: International

03 December 2015 Week in Brief: INTERNATIONAL BANGLADESH: Gunmen attacked a Shia mosque in Shibganj during evening prayers, murdering one worshipper and wounding three others. BELGIUM: Schools reopened and public transport resumed in Brussels, but some security measures remain in place.  Police raids failed to find any weapons or the suspects Salah Abdeslam and Mohamed… Continue reading Issue 31: 2015 12 03: International

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