Issue 74:2016 10 16:Peace in Colombia

06 October 2016 Peace in Colombia? A long way to go yet. by Neil Tidmarsh Fifty-two years of armed conflict.  Almost a quarter of a million people killed, over five million displaced.  Half of the country too dangerous to visit.  Marxist guerrillas fighting an ideologically driven rebellion of the rural poor.  Drugs cartels financing the… Continue reading Issue 74:2016 10 16:Peace in Colombia

Issue 74: 2016 10 06:Week in brief (international)

06 October 2016 Week In Brief: INTERNATIONAL NEWS Europe AUSTRIA:  A re-run of the recent elections has been postponed for two months until December. GERMANY:  The interior minister Thomas de Mazière said that the Dublin convention should be reinstated.  This insists that immigrants should be returned to the first EU country they enter. Prosecutors have… Continue reading Issue 74: 2016 10 06:Week in brief (international)

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