Issue 20: 2015 09 17: News in Brief: UK

17 September 2015 Week In Brief: UK NEWS LABOUR LEADER: On Saturday it was announced that left winger Jeremy Corbyn had been elected leader of the Labour Party with nearly 60% of the vote.  Tom Watson, who comes from the centre of the party, has been elected deputy leader.  Mr Corbyn’s team includes John McDonnell as… Continue reading Issue 20: 2015 09 17: News in Brief: UK

Issue 20:2015 09 17: Third-Wave Feminism

17 September 2015 Third-Wave Feminism Proudman or Proud Lady? by Lynda Goetz Much has been written about the barrister, Charlotte Proudman, aged 27, in the last week; some of it supportive, some condemnatory and the rest more than slightly incredulous at all the fuss. For anyone who has been on Mars or in the Maldives… Continue reading Issue 20:2015 09 17: Third-Wave Feminism

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