Diary of a Corbynista

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31 March 2022

Diary of a Corbynista

Friends and Family

by Don Urquhart

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The Chancellor is standing by us.  He told us that he had taken difficult decisions and there are more ahead.  So far so good. Extensive research among Mr Sunak’s friends and family make clear that we are a long way from the cost of living emergency being flagged by newspapers and broadcasters. 

The business environment could easily have become very problematic with the Russians and Saudis so frowned on and Prince Andrew out of commission.

But that is to overlook the continuing buoyancy of the F&F (Friends and Family) sector.

The glory days of doing wonders for the British people while putting a few million aside for family and friends (the VIP lane) have given such a boost to key areas of the economy.

The National reminds us this week of a typical success story involving a Tory baroness:

Michelle Mone-linked PPE firm ‘made £76m on PPE NHS sale’

Buying a superyacht is as easy as ever it was:

A new boat event, Luxury London Afloat, will be hosted at London’s St. Katharine Docks and running 21-24 April 2022 with more than 30 craft on display.

Sean Robertson, sales director, Sunseeker International says:

“Sunseeker is delighted to support this new luxury show based in the heart of London. The timing this spring couldn’t be better as thoughts turn to getting afloat this summer. We look forward to warmly welcoming both existing and prospective clients to this exciting new event.”

“Austerity” is having little impact on people’s ability to travel independently at high speed.  Here’s Luxury Lifestyle Magazine’s analysis:

What to expect in the following months regarding private jet activity? Domestic activity should continue rising for larger private jet hubs in the world, as holidays are just around the corner and major events have no Covid restrictions. International private travel should also continue its upward trend, with longer flights occurring in early 2022, after the holidays and with most of the countries with at least two major vaccination drives in their populations.

2022 will be the year where international leisure travel will regain its shape, after more than two years of uncertainty and struggle with the pandemic. Passengers needing to unwind explore and discover new wonders, can once again rely on private aviation as a means to experience those unique moments. 

And there are some fine agencies around to provide high quality domestic servants.  Here’s one including a testimonial.


A short note to pass on thanks to MM for his services over the past couple of weeks. We both very much thought he was the height of professionalism. Thank you also for providing us with some very good butlers over the last few months. The teams haven’t noticed the change from permanent butler being present to the use of agency butlers, which I think speaks very well for all of those you sent up to the Estate.

Refreshingly there are still plenty of private schools about to give the ankle-biters a fighting chance.  Here’s some of the blurb from a relatively modest Tunbridge Wells establishment:

Importantly, when it comes to schools, a low price doesn’t necessarily equate to low quality. It all depends what you are looking for. The most expensive independent private schools have lots of shiny facilities – Olympic-standard sports halls, professionally equipped theatres – costs that are passed on to parents by way of hefty school fees. 

Remove those high-cost items from the offering, and there are still significant benefits that a private school can offer, at a much more affordable price. Smaller class sizes than in the state sector, a reliably strong standard of education with excellent teachers, broad and exciting opportunities within and beyond the curriculum, sport as an integral part of school life with lots of competitive fixtures, and room for the arts; all these are things that smaller private schools provide at a relatively low cost.

So in all the fuss and bother about choosing between heating and eating it is clear that most essentials are freely available.  I suspect that there has been some Russian disinformation spreading unpatriotic negativism among us.  I see that Ms Dorries is lobbing the BBC £4.1 million to combat such things in Russia and Ukraine.   Why not spend a few bob here?

At any event the confected furore over the Spring Statement was designed to suppress what should have been the top news item on all stations; the 10 wicket defeat in Grenada and the subsequent loss of yet another test series.  But Shaw Sheet will not be cowed – this state of affairs in cricket and for that matter this nation’s standing in the world can be traced back to the savage mutilation of Test Match Special.  The heritage of Johners and Westie has been mightily betrayed.   You wonder who is deciding priorities at the BBC when you can’t get a ball by ball from the Test but you have to suffer lengthy interviews with gormless Serbian tennis players.

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