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20 September 2018

Writing for the Shaw Sheet

An invitation

from the Editors

The Shaw Sheet is looking to expand its (unpaid) writing team and the purpose of this article is to seek out any aspiring contributors among our readers.  The articles we are looking for are about 800-1000 words long and analytical in style.  That does not mean that they are not hard hitting, hopefully many of those we publish are, but we expect them to make a reasoned case.  Rants and personal attacks will not be published.  Every article should reveal something to our readers whether that be a fact, a point of view or an argument.

We have no political alignment and writers may come from the left or the right.  Articles are edited but with a view to maintaining quality, clarifying them and removing any defamatory or personal material, rather than in order to impose a particular “line”.  Authors need to be used to writing – even if only in a narrow technical field.

We produce a weekly edition on a Wednesday evening and the ideal is for each writer to publish an article each week, rather as one might do for a blog.  However some people write for us less frequently than that, some of them just once.  If you would like to have a go get in touch.  If you have a friend who would like to write for us, give them our name.

The Editors of the Shaw Sheet ([email protected])


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