Issue 256: 2020 11 19: Diary of a Corbynista

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19 November 2020

Diary of a Corbynista

More Jam Tomorrow from Johnson

by Don Urquhart

Mug shot of Don Urquhart12 November

Message Board in response to Corbynista Shaw Sheet 255:

Dago: Perhaps Corbyn should form his own party. Alternatively, Corbynistas could join George Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain, the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition or even venture further left to the Socialist Workers Party,  the Communist Party of Britain or any of the other far-left parties. Fighting Starmer or leaving the Labour party both enable the Tory dream of perpetual power.

With regard to the US elections, I can only say that IMHO Trump’s got the hump.

FlyBoy: The reference to Trump (spot on) reminded me of a joke making the rounds on social media:

Why is Trump no longer allowed in the White House? Because it’s for Biden.

Walsall: Very entertaining, but I don’t know where to start in commenting. Too much going on. Please, can we have 1 crisis at a time?

FlyBoy: Not while Boris is in charge, only multiple crises allowed.

Dago: Crisis! What crisis?

Smoothie: Boris isn’t in charge; he couldn’t even appoint the chicken as his chief of staff. If we knew who was in charge we’d have a chance. I thought it was Dom Cummings but even that’s in doubt now.

Dago: I thought Vladimir was in charge.

Nana: I also with a great many others signed a petition to ask the Socialist Campaign Group to remove themselves from the whip until Starmer corrects his error and reinstates Corbyn.

Corbyn is not a raving socialist….the right wing press ran a hatchet job…. nothing he fought for was crazy…. grants for students, subsidised public transport and a funded national health service..

My preferred news channel is Aljazeera. It is much better than the Beeb, which tried not to upset Trump with their feeble coverage.

Raver: I can only give thanks for the myriad versions of the socialist dream. Unlike, I suspect, many of our happy band of ex banking brothers and sisters, I did live a year in one just such a utopia, SPLAJ (Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya).

Up the People’s Front of Judea!

13 November

Attacks on Jewish people are on the increase in Europe.

Also in California, where a militia of Jewish Trump supporters is not taking it lying down.

Jewish militia taking up arms to defend themselves from anti-Semitic attacks

Everything about this seems wrong.


Like Trump supporters claiming he won the election.

14 November

Outrageous ballot rigging!  It is a fashionable cry now being adopted by socialists who have recently left the Labour Party.  The NEC election result was delayed from lunchtime to teatime so that the General Secretary’s team could go through the submissions seeking reasons to discard votes that had gone the wrong way.

I remained in the party to vote for socialist candidates and had rightly assessed that if I left before the count, my vote would be discarded, although there was no precedent for this in NEC elections.

Rudi Giuliani will soon be knocking on Starmer’s door. And I can now save a few bob each month in membership fees.

15 November

The Labour Muslim Network has published:

Islamophobia and the Muslim Experience

Shockingly, the key findings from this report highlight the disconnect between Labour and its Muslim members, with 56% holding the view that the shadow cabinet team does not represent the Muslim community effectively and 55% do not trust the leadership to tackle Islamophobia effectively.

They can try blaming Corbyn but he was consigned to the backbenches 7 months ago.

16 November

It is not possible to establish how many people are members of the Labour Party.  I am still a member but the bureaucracy will not give me that figure.  I guess some will have joined as a result of Starmer taking over from Corbyn but suspect that many more will have left, and increasingly so since Corbyn’s suspension and since the NEC elections, where many disaffected members will have held on anticipating that their vote would be ignored if they left before the count.

17 November

Jeremy Corbyn was reinstated in the Labour Party after a 19 day suspension.  Newsnight covered it with Kirsty Wark asking Jenny Manson, a Corbyn supporter and Dame Louise Ellman, a detractor of the former leader to express their views.  While Ellman was allowed to talk without hindrance, Manson was constantly interrupted by the veteran broadcaster.  My BBC licence hangs by a thread.

18 November

The Guardian reports:

Boris Johnson announces 10-point green plan with 250,000 jobs

Many people will believe that this is a well thought out strategy that will achieve what is on the tin.  Others will look at the dismal record of this man and his acolytes and worry that it may be a mere pretext for more billions to be shuffled into the bank accounts of the private sector.  They will also wonder whether the enthusiasm for climate change will last beyond COP 26 where he is keen to look good.


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