Issue 183: 2018 12 20: Christmas Quiz

20 December 2018

Christmas Quiz 2018

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out


by Boffles

  1. On which Greek island is Rupert Brooke buried?


  1. Where is Jim Morrison of the Doors buried?



  1. What temporarily ship-wrecked Amber Rudd’s ministerial career?


  1. What became legal in Canada in October 2018?


  1. In which cycle of novels is Kenneth Widmerpool a central character?


  1. What surprisingly, apart from being Republican Presidents, do George W Bush and Donald Trump have in common?


  1. Who has recently played Elizabeth II and Lisbeth Salander?


  1. What is the biggest killer in the US currently?


  1. Why did the British and Americans organise a coup against

the Iranian President, Mohammad Mosaddegh, in 1953?



  1. What did Surtees and Siegfried Sassoon both write about?


  1. Who wrote – ‘Polyphiloprogenitive

The sapient sutlers of the Lord

Drift across the window -panes

In the beginning was the Word.’ ?


  1. What equipment did the London Fire Brigade lack when dealing with the Grenfell Tower fire?



  1. Who is the Musical Director of the London Symphony Orchestra?


  1. Which currency has lost approximately 75% of its value in 2018?


  1. Which transport project was finally approved by the Cabinet in June 2018?


  1. Which group sang ‘Thank God It’s Christmas’?


  1. What will we need to visit the EU after Brexit?


  1. Who was Hulagu?


  1. What experience did the Prime Minister of New Zealand and Ruth Davidson share in 2018?


  1. What subject did Theresa May read at Oxford?

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