23 March 2017: Issue 97

Week in Brief





Silence is golden by Robert Kilconner

Hardball negotiations

 Moving the interest rate goalposts by Frank O’Nomics

The Bank of England has forgotten its mandate

March down South              -photo Janis Higgie

The politics of envy by John Watson

Mr Osborne’s portfolio

Justice or Injustice? by Lynda Goetz

New Rape Evidence Rules Not Good News


 Poo Bags by Chin Chin

An image for the 21st century

Slaves of the Machine by Neil Tidmarsh

Robots don’t take our work – they just ensure we don’t get paid for it.

Puzzles and Cartoons

Crossword, by Boffles: “Varied Entertainment”

Solution to the last crossword “Spring”

Cartoons by AGGro.

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