Issue16:2015 08 20 Contents

  20 August 2015: Issue 16 Week in Brief UK International Financial Comment Now I’m a Union Man by J.R.Thomas Finding a way forward for British Trade Unionism Tourism v Terrorism by Neil Tidmarsh A source of hope in Gaza Duty Free Sales- a nasty piece of bullying by John Watson A slander exploded Features Education for All

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Issue 17:2015 08 27:Internships

27 August 2015 Internships by Lynda Goetz    A useful career move or an exploitation of young people?     ‘All Apprenticeships are real jobs so all apprentices earn a salary’ (GOV.UK A Guide to Apprenticeships). Unfortunately for those looking for on-the-job training in the so-called white-collar world, internships are not only frequently unpaid, they

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Issue 17:2015 08 27: BUSINESS AND THE CITY

27 August 2015 Week in Brief: BUSINESS AND THE CITY                                                                                  BLACK MONDAY?: So the Tuesday headlines might have had you believe. Certainly stock markets round the world dropped very abruptly, and the cause is very easy to find – the faltering of the Chinese economy. China has had a long run of economic growth, around twenty

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Issue 17:20015 08 27: International News

27 August 2015 Week in Brief:INTERNATIONAL NEWS BANGLADESH: Counter-terrorism police have arrested three supreme court lawyers accused of financing a militant Islamic group. BRAZIL: Eduardo Cunha, the Speaker of the Lower House of Congress, has been charged with receiving bribes of £3 million in the scandal engulfing Petrobas, the state-owned oil company. Scientific tests in

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Issue 17: 2015 08 27;Dogs and their Owners

27 August 2015 Dogs and their Owners by Serena Sinclair  It has long been noted that people often buy dogs which reflect aspects of their appearance or personality. The cartoonists have had great fun with the images of lanky, long-haired models with look-alike Afghan hounds or the primped poodles with similarly beribboned owners. We tend

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