Worms Turning

10 November 2022

Worms Turning

War on all fronts

by Don Urquhart

Mug shot of Don Urquhart

There is a queue of Tory MPs and supporters to tell us how much the UK has reduced carbon emissions in recent years.  A GB News employee, somehow allowed onto the BBC Politics Live programme, ferociously challenged Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer to come up with a G20 member that had performed better in this respect.  The GB News person was supported by Ed Vaizey, a Tory lord.  Ms Denyer failed to mention that Britain’s pre-eminence in reducing CO2 emissions could be attributed to our industrial decline since outsourcing production to countries like China that we can now castigate as emission failures.

As reported by The Nation Greta Thunberg accuses polluters of ‘cheating’ on emissions cuts

What we are actually being told to celebrate ― over and over again ― is outsourcing, excluding emissions, clever accounting and the negotiation of global frameworks that make it all perfectly legit.

In Sharm El-Sheikh we hear the sound of worms turning.

The poor countries currently bearing the brunt of climate change are talking of reparations on the basis that the industrialised nations have created the Climate Change problem.  Two hundred years ago Britain was the only country churning out CO2 from its chimneys.  Now Greta Thunberg tells us we are maintaining our living standards by outsourcing production to poorer countries, claiming the moral high ground on account of our own reduced emissions then demanding that the poor countries cut their emissions.  Our gutter press is a wonder to behold.

The Daily Mail shows the way:

Why SHOULD Britain pay damages for climate change? Sunak faces COP27 storm after ministers refuse to rule out ‘reparations’ to countries hit by global warming – but Boris Johnson warns UK CANNOT afford it

It’s all come at once for Rishi Sunak.  For him the primary battle has been to tame his own party.  His loyalty to Mrs Braverman demonstrates that this is foremost in his thinking.  His attachment to Sir Gavin Williamson was occasioned by his conviction that the former Chief Whip could bring recalcitrant MPs to heel using his unique blend of interpersonal skills. Hopefully Gavin is now history and Sunak can focus elsewhere.  His strategy now for maintaining party discipline is to focus on the Labour Party poll lead and build a narrative that will diminish it.  He has put a lot of faith in Braverman’s immigration rhetoric.  Foreigners are usually a handy bugaboo for many in the electorate.  If he goes down this route we will see how many open and closet racists the nation is blessed with.  At the moment Starmer is presenting himself as a pro-austerity, anti-immigrant opponent so Sunak and his acolytes are invoking the spirit of Corbyn, as did Tory MP Gary Sambrook yesterday:

Before 2019 the then Leader of the Opposition, the right hon. Member for Islington North (Jeremy Corbyn), actually cast doubt on our security services by questioning the intelligence on the Salisbury poisoning. Did every Labour MP not try to make him Prime Minister of this country? Is the real threat to our national security not Members on the Labour Benches?

Instead of defending her party Yvette Cooper snivelled that she had not agreed with Corbyn.

This WhatsApp from a friend perfectly encapsulates the Tory attack line:

All the sensationalism by the MSM reporting how the £ fell to historic or was it hysterical lows in October against the $, is a cover for misleading Leftie Remainer Propaganda to push their agenda to rejoin the EU.

The real story, as reported by Conservative Post, is official data from the Bank of England and the European Central Bank that shows the Euro has in fact fallen consistently more. The € has been much weaker than the £ against the very strong $ for a long time.

Funny how you’ve not about that on the leftie MSM channels!

Research undertaken by Facts4EU show the evaluation of the £ & € against the $, since the U.K. exited the transition period & left the EU on 1st Jan 2021 compared with 30th October 2022 as follows:

* Pound on 01 Jan 2021: $1.3579

* Pound 30 Oct 2022: $1.1581 (-14.7%)

* Euro on 01 Jan 2021: $1.2296

* Euro 30 Oct 2022: $0.99 : (-19.1%)

Facts4EU additionally published a report which proved immensely popular with the general public, rebutting the anti-Brexit claims of the BBC (yes, the public funded meant to be impartial Leftie MSM chief cheerleader) & says it’s important to debunk the myth that the U.K. left the EU on 31 January 2020!

If you’re reading this information for the first time, that’s because the liberal/leftie MSM want to withhold the positive news from you to attack & remove the Conservative government.

Yes, the pound has fallen in value over many years, however this started well before the EU Referendum and Brexit. What’s been shown, however, is that when the UK finally left the Single Market and Customs Union on 1 January 2021 (a year later than the BBC falsely reports), the Brexit £ has outperformed the €. Another ignored fact!

The false & manipulated currency reports are not alone on the MSM’s agenda. In order to consistently send out a message to the voters to elect the coalition of chaos of the Labour/LibDem/SNP horror show, we have seen 2 Prime Ministers removed, & more recently a Home Secretary vilified in an outrageous slur campaign & an opportunity to seize on the mere morsel of a story & enlarge it to such a degree that it makes the government & minister/MP in question look incompetent.

A perfect example we’ve seen recently is a personal attack on Suella Braverman regarding the Manston Detention Centre. These people who were living in tents in Calais, that terribly dangerous bomb damaged city in War Torn France (it must be because it’s not a safe country right?!), are projected by the left as staying in awful, terrible conditions. Manston is a processing centre not meant for accommodation. How is it our fault that these illegals have been coming over in such high numbers, that our ‘welcoming committee’ haven’t been able to process these hordes so quickly. Any support from the MSM on that?!

If he delivers, Sunak will bring back the British Bill of Rights to help solve the illegal immigration crisis, by ending the interference of foreign courts. They’d queue all day to be at Manston, when they’re not allowed to step foot in our wonderful country!

A few words on the vast lead that the MSM state the Labour Party have at the moment.

March 1990, Labour has 28pt poll lead.

April 1992, Conservatives win historic fourth term.

My pal endorses the anti-foreigner narrative.  Braverman’s rhetoric frames the small boats phenomenon as a war between the Brits and alien invaders.

Meanwhile another battle is looming.

The people we clapped for during the pandemic have the temerity to ask for a pay rise.  The last time nurses went on strike nationally was in 1982 .  They achieved a significant pay rise but Thatcher was riding high after the Falklands and was emboldened to strengthen anti-union legislation.

40 years later the worm is turning again and it’s not just the nurses as The Guardian reports:

UK facing huge scale of unrest last seen in 1980s miners’ strike

Nearly 1.7 million mostly public sector workers are being balloted on or have voted for stoppages.

Double-digit inflation and a decade-long pay squeeze have created the conditions for a string of bitter disputes. With the new chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, pencilling in just 2% on average for pay increases in the heavily unionised public sector, the government looks set for a head on-collision with its workers.

“If there is large-scale strike action over the months ahead the government only has itself to blame,” said Frances O’Grady, the general secretary of the TUC. “Rather than getting around the table, it is picking a fight with unions and working people.”

On Thursday 17th November Jeremy Hunt will reveal his budget.  Let’s hope that this time it reflects the forecasts of the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR).  Then it passes one of the requirements of the bond market which determines the interest rate for government borrowing by the simple expedient of deciding whether our government is competent.  The bond market is populated by hard headed people looking to maximise returns and minimise risks for their funds.

The People’s Assembly seems to be the focal point of opposition to austerity holding ever more frequent mass gatherings.

Coordinated Day of Local Actions Planned for Saturday 19th November Following the Government’s Autumn Statement 

The government’s Autumn Statement will be out on Thursday 17th November. The Financial Times and other outlets say the government intends to make £33 billion in public spending cuts! Following 12 years of austerity cuts (where public services have been cut to the bone), a cost of living crisis and rising inflation, it’s clear the government is again making ordinary people pay rather than the super rich. The People’s Assembly is therefore planning a coordinated day of nationwide local actions on Saturday 19th November to protest this. 

One wonders how the bond market would react to millions of people hitting the streets to protest an austerity budget.  Think on Mr Hunt!

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