Issue 193: 2019 03 14: Letter to the Editors

14 March 2019

Letter to the Editors

Anti semitism

from Anthony Silver


Dear Sir,

In the ranking of social sins, the rise of the ‘isms’ (sexism, racism, ageism etc….) has been the most dramatic over the last decade.   So when a political party is consistently accused of same,  their goto solution should be not only to be brutal in cleaning out the stables, but (as importantly) to be seen to do so.

Corbyn and his followers (including your diarist) still have not grasped this point.  Can they really be so insensitive as to believe that in the public eye their party is not tainted?     I suppose it is just possible  they genuinely believe that anti-semitism is not rife in their party,  in which case as the wise man once said “de Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt”.    But more likely they have concluded either that by really addressing the issue they will lose too significant a part of their activist core, or that the issue is not important enough.

Even when Sun Tzu, back in 500 BC, first said that ‘attack is the secret of defence’, I doubt that the idea was original, although it may have been the first time it was so elegantly expressed. So pointing the finger elsewhere (Conservative anti-Islamism) is the sort of tired response (even when it is so assiduously researched by your own diarist) we have come to expect from Jerry.

The more they point the finger elsewhere the more it highlights the elephant in the room.


Anthony Silver


featured image: N Gogri

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