Issue 183: 2018 12 20: Letter to the Editors

20 December 2018

Letter to the Editors

Corbyn’s timing

from Mark Levesley

Dear Sirs

Nice to see Julian Annis get impassioned by Corbynista’s slightly skewed view. I do think though that Corbynista is of the opinion that Mr Blair etc were Red Tories anyway, so the intervention is not that much of a correction, i.e. temporally displaced/ misaligned, rather than party aligned.

As always, this edition is thought provoking, though it is like shooting fish in a barrel. It is with an air of increasing despondency, however, that I ask Corbyista for his prediction as to when the Corbyn masterstroke will fall, because I fear it will be too late and ineffective, unless Labour’s plan is to exit in the worst possible way and then pick up the pieces. However, I suspect that they will be considered complicit and that will not improve the situation of our politics at all.

I feel as if we are becoming increasingly like the US, with such polarised politics that the minor parties will be swept away like sandcastles in a rising tide of populism.

Sorry to be so melodramatic.


Mark Levesley

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