Issue 212: 2019 07 25: Letter to the Editors

25 July 2019

Letter to the Editors

Anti-semitism and Labour

from Anthony Silver


Dear Sir

It was safe to predict that your pet Corbynista  in his column this week would both lash out at the BBC for Panorama (attack being the best form of defence),  and, continue to deny the problem of anti-semitism within the Labour Party hierarchy.  So much so that it was hardly worth mentioning until in either a case of a total lack of self awareness, or really very very clever satire he threw in the große Lüge quote  from Mein Kampf…. accusing the BBC of anti – Labour bias –  over a report on Labour’s anti-semitism!   WOW!

Ironic too as in Mein Kampf,  große Lüge was used to illustrate how the British used propaganda (via the BBC)!   Hitler it seems was also in the thoughts of a (now ex) Labour heavyhitter, Baroness Hayter.

On a more serious note I was surprised at John Watson’s apologia for Jeremy Corbyn in his Something Nasty article,  pleading more a case of ‘forced circumstances’ rather than ‘willing complicity’.

If Corbyn is a good man, then he perfectly illustrates the famous Edmund Burke quote.  The acid test must be whether Corbyn would  have been as supine had the issue been Islamophobia rather than anti-semitism?    Anyway if the wo/man at the top does not set the boundaries then does it really matter who that person is.




Anthony Silver

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