Issue 206: 2019 06 13: Letter to the Editors

13 June 2019

Letter to the Editors

Corbyn’s meeting

from Anthony Silver


Dear Sir

It is a matter of public record that JC refused an invitation from the Queen to attend a dinner held in honour of The Donald, I presume because he objected to the presence of the guest of honour.

Should he be surprised that his request for a meeting with the President was turned down, and in such a public way? The obvious conclusion to be drawn is that JC’s public rebuff entitled DT to do the same.

Apparently not so.   In that alternate reality populated by Corbynistas, at least one of his acolytes  is putting it about that the reason for the DT rebuff is

“The fact that he had addressed an anti-Trump rally was portrayed as him refusing to engage with the American leader“.

Does it remind anyone else of Mr Corbyn sitting on the floor of the train when all around there was seating available?



Anthony Silver

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