Issue 289: 2021 07 22: Diary of a Corbynista

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22 July 2021

Diary of a Corbynista

Freedom Day for Coronavirus

by Don Urquhart

Mug shot of Don Urquhart15 July

He is making a Horlicks of managing the pandemic.  The England football team refuses to talk to him because of racism.  Health professionals are rebelling against his sell-out of the NHS.

So the instruction to the tame journalists – talk about obesity and all sorts of taxes to deal with it. Also report him promising the shires that they will not be paying for the “levelling up”.  Of course they won’t – the “levelling up” was always an election gimmick without substance.

It has the same status as “no border in the Irish Sea”.

Johnson delenda est.

16 July

My theory about Chris Whitty is that he has been intimidated by Johnson into backing the July 19th end of legal restrictions and is now trying to row back.

The BBC News headline is:

Covid hospital numbers could get scary – Prof Chris Whitty.

What scares me is that the country’s Chief Medical Officer is talking as if it’s a natural disaster which has nothing to do with him.

For some reason I thought he was being paid to advise the Government about how to stop scary things happening.

17 July

Message Board responses to Corbynista in Shaw Sheet 286:


Can’t believe Corbynista wasn’t watching the football last weekend and the ensuing media storm. I was convinced that Johnson would be blamed for the result in this week’s edition.


Johnson wasn’t to blame for the loss.

It was the EU’s fault and over 100,000 England fans have signed a petition demanding a replay.

18 July

Robert Jenrick was out explaining the “freedom” policy to be enacted on the 19th.  Henceforth we would be relying on the good sense of the British people to preserve us from the plague.

He must have been thinking about citizens like this football fan who found a unique cure for constipation.

19 July

Tonight’s press conference demonstrates yet again that the scientists have not been happy with the unlocking decision.  What on earth does it mean when Johnson and Javid ask:

If not now then when?

Surely the answer is:

When the cases, hospitalisations and deaths have been reducing for some time. 

Whitty, Vallance and Van Tamm know this but have careers to think of.

20 July

The Telegraph reports on the US view of our pandemic strategy:

US tells Americans ‘do not travel’ to Britain amid Covid surge.

They might well have examined the increasing body of evidence that Britain’s Prime Minister takes a cavalier approach to protecting the lives of its citizens.

21 July

The Labour Party is almost bankrupt.  90 people are being made redundant.  The General Secretary puts it down to reduced membership and high legal fees associated with anti-Semitism.

Under Corbyn the Labour Party was the largest political party in Europe with solid finances.

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