Picture of paperback edition of Colonialism a book by Nigel Biggar of Oxford University

1 February 2024

‘Colonialism; A Moral Reckoning’

by Nigel Biggar

Book review by Neil Dunlop

From the perspective of an ethicist Biggar provides a thoroughly researched and enjoyably readable romp through colonial history following attempts by other academics at Oxford university to cancel alternative views on British colonialism.  For anyone with a suspicion that currently fashionable views on the subject are more self-denigrating polemic than objective fact the book provides supporting evidence for discussion of the underlying facts and the conclusions commonly drawn.  By making a wide-ranging review of the history of the entire colonial period, based on evidence from original sources, it illuminates both the policies and motivations that underlaid critical historical events.  Key topics include British views and actions during and after the end of Atlantic slave trading, racism, genocide, exploitation, pervasive violence, imperialism, and free trade. A culture war antidote.

Published by William Collins 2023, ISBN978-0-00-851163-0 (HB) & -7 (TPB)

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