Issue 160: 2018 06 28: Chaos

28 June 2018


Trump plunges on

by Pat Edlin

An appeal to raise funds of $1500 to give legal help to immigrants on entering the US, started on only 20th of June, had passed the $20 million mark by Sunday 24th June.  “Reunite an Immigrant Parent with their Child” fundraising is just one of hundreds of ways in which people across America have expressed revulsion at the Trump Administration’s inhumane policy of separating immigrant and asylum parents from their children.

And condemnation is not restricted to American citizens;  in a poll of Americans, 66% said that the policy was wrong, but criticisms have come from across the Globe.  And four former first ladies, Carter, Obama, Clinton and Laura Bush, decried the actions of Trump & Co in the Washington Post. So the Trump Administration heard the outcry and signed an executive order reversing the cruel policy, but in reality that hasn’t been achieved.  Melania Trump earlier last week was reported as being critical of her husband policy of seperation, then undermined all goodwill by wearing a coat that said on the back ‘I just don’t care. Do U?’

Over the last few nights Sarah Huckerby-Sanders, White House Press Spokeswoman was ejected, thanks to staff complaints, from a local restaurant, the RED HEN, in Virginia,  Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nilesen, was booed in a restaurant following her crass comments earlier in the week when she said “It is important to note that these minors are very well taken care of — don’t believe the press — they are very well taken care of,” and Stephen Miller, the  Trump advisor who came up with this ‘neat idea’, was  heckled when he ventured out of the White House.

The Trump Administration is trying to claim that it wants to ‘end’ the practice of separating children from parents, bBut in reality it cannot cope with what it has already unleashed.  People in the Trump administration cannot say exactly how many children have been separated; records of who goes with whom cannot not be found, or were not kept. There is uncertainty about  where various babies, aged 6 months to 18 months, actually are.  Senior figures who claim to have gone to ‘Detention Centers’ cannot give any, or recall any, details of their visits, or when parents and children will be united again.

And now various Washington D.C. Law firms are offering ‘pro-bono’ work for whistle-blowers from the the Social Services and Border Patrol.  Many have pointed out the irony that whilst trying to keep ‘Mexican Migrants’ out, they are employing almost exclusively Mexicans to staff the ‘Detention Centers’.  And the outcry is not just from the Liberal-Left but from Church and Conservative human rights groups.

The term “chaos” fits  the current White House where 45% of staff have  left or been sacked or forced to resign.  Many positions in  the West Wing are unfilled.  There are Congressional elections in the autumn and current polling puts the Democrats ahead by up to 26% in staunch republican areas.  So the current immigration crisis might be ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’ and there are other dangers too.  The Russian collusion election probe by former FBI Director Robert Mueller is said to be nearing its end.  And Trump’s former ‘Mr Fixit’, Michael Cohen, is rumored to be about to flip on his former master, having confirmed that he paid porn star, Stormy Daniels $130,000 hush money over sex, a payment whose details have been the subject of allegations and denials.

But its like water off a duck’s back.  Like a reality show host, Trump lives in a parallel universe, a world of denial.  He cannot stop boasting and he  only talks about himself.  And don’t forget thatPresident Trump will be here in the UK in less than a month.

Can he expect a warm welcome?

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