Issue 282: 2021 06 03: Building Regulations

3 June 2021

Building Regulations

Letter to the Editors

from Neil Dunlop


27 May 2021

Dear Sirs

In last week’s Issue Lynda Goetz describes a proposal to require mortgage providers to insist on high energy efficiency when they make a housing loan and its unintended consequences.  Could the ShawSheet help to turn the problem around and build an opportunity for Britain?

The issue of regulation without understanding that Lynda mentions is pervasive, particularly around proposed green legislation.  Going green is fundamentally an engineering issue where a government response is essential because the way that all of us eat, move, and live will need to change fast if we are to avoid having change thrust upon us.  The current environment secretary, George Eustice, might be looked to as the integrator of the complex issues involved but he has a farming background.  His Wikipedia entry mentions no degree, much less one in engineering and the rank of Environment Secretary is around 12th in the Cabinet.

Will the ShawSheet be campaigning for a more joined up approach to climate change and for a national vision for the way forward?  The list of examples of failures to regulate effectively go well beyond those mentioned by Lynda.  Incentives and inducements as well as penalties will be required to make the changes.  Equipment that supports the changes is essential and needs to be brought to market much faster than is the case today.  The opportunities for the economy and the simplification of regulation are huge and green objectives have wide public support.  A nimbler Britain post Brexit would benefit.


Yours faithfully,


Neil Dunlop

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