Big Dog’s Big Calls

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27 January 2022

Diary of a Corbynista

Big Dog’s Big Calls

by Don Urquhart

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In the USA the fashionable big lie is that Trump won the election but was robbed by the Satanist child molesters of the political establishment.  It’s a tough one to beat.

Here it is put about that the Downing Street lockdown busting is a trivial affair matched against the mighty problems confronting us and we luckily possess a Prime Minister who heroically gets the Big Calls right.

It’s Monday 24th.  It seems that the Sue Gray report is now scheduled for Thursday.  Apparently she is just making a start with Dominic Cummings so unless she is a very fast or very sloppy worker she is hardly going to have a considered view ready by then.  It probably doesn’t matter as the general public will only see a carefully edited version.

Since PMQ’s on Wednesday 19th Tory human sacrifices have been sent on the media to say:

He has made mistakes and apologised.  He is only human.  But he has made all the big calls correctly. 

Nadhim Zahawi made a typical effort on Good Morning.  One of the Big Calls was deciding to buy 60 million doses of Pfizer-BioNtech when others were advising against it.  And rather oddly Britain is apparently being commended by someone for its stance on the Ukraine. 

Here’s today’s Daily Express:

Dominic Raab is right to remind us that Mr Johnson has made the correct calls on all the big issues during the pandemic.

Here’s Nadine Dorries in the Mail:

While other governments dithered and delayed and Keir Starmer repeatedly objected to our approach, Boris Johnson had the prescience and courage to bite the bullet, to push through and commit to taking decisions at exactly the right moment and with speed.

To the small number of my colleagues who continue to agitate against their leader, I ask them to name one other politician who would have the determination and personality to drive through Brexit and lead this country out of the pandemic into a strong recovery; who would stand up to Russia as it threatens Ukraine and understands the pressures on the wallets of hard-working families.

Whatever Johnson’s big calls have been it’s difficult to see how they have been anything but catastrophic.

On the pandemic front I am sick to death of hearing how we have outvaccinated the rest of the world and that Johnson has pulled us through it.  That is an insult to the 150,000 Britons who have died of Covid.  According to Worldometer the United Kingdom is 195th out of 224 countries in terms of Coronavirus deaths per million people.

Full Fact examined the assertion that the UK has the fastest growing economy in the G7:

That’s true if you look at change over the most recent 12 months of data. If you look at growth over the last quarter of data (Q2 to Q3 2021), the UK places fifth.

Over the course of the pandemic so far (between the fourth quarter of 2019 and the third quarter of 2021), the UK’s economy has experienced the second worst growth among the G7, contracting by 1.5%.

Economic growth figures for the UK and other countries are not entirely comparable due to the way in which the UK calculates the output of its health and education sectors.

This means that the UK’s growth figures look relatively worse for 2020 and look relatively better in 2021. 

Statista has recently published an analysis of Economic Winners and Losers of the Pandemic, GDP Change in Selected OECD countries between Q4 2019 and Q3 2021.   We are 10th out of 12.

So the Prime Minister’s big calls appear to have resulted in one of the world’s worst sets of Coronavirus figures and a grim economic position.

It’s Tuesday 25th.  On the BBC website the nugget tucked away is that Sue Gray’s report is now due next week.  Didn’t catch this on the broadcast BBC News.

Rees-Mogg was out bigging up his mate:

The leadership of Boris Johnson has been so brilliant that he’s got us through this incredibly difficult period and he’s got all the big decisions right.

Meanwhile there were 439 Covid deaths yesterday.

The Metropolitan Police are investigating alleged 10 Downing Street lockdown crimes and Sue Gray’s report is suddenly due to be published Wednesday or Thursday.

The Big Dog defence strategy now runs along the lines:

Why are we wasting our time talking about birthday cakes when a Third World War is imminent?

It is a bit of a stretch to see the Ukraine crisis as Johnson’s Falklands Factor.  For the sake of our servicemen and women let’s hope it’s not a straw that he clutches at.

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