Issue 364: Crossword No.364 – printable

7 March 2024

Crossword by Boffles



    7  A doctor around ME organisation gives self-assurance (6)

    8  What to call when you do not feel like going to work (2,4)

    9  Emerged from sleep alive to modern sensibilities (4)

  10  Sounds like a sardonic snitch is found in the garden (3,5)

  11  Rumoured to bury its head in the sand when frightened (7)

  13  Unquiet drug dealer shows you to your seat (5)

  15  Devices sometimes incendiary (5)

  17  Bread made by revolutionary with verve (7)

  20  How Barbie looks? (6,2)

  21  Illegal stimulant alright in church? (4)

  22  Way to cook in Serbia (6)

  23  What Edison did successfully (6)


    1  Something Sis gives you? (6)

    2  Fish dish you prod? (4)

    3  Unstagy ham (7)

    4  Problem solver found when ten replaces five in a note (5)

    5  What Italians quickly grab in the morning (8)

    6  French for a fractious part of the UK (6)

  12  Giant novelist some consider gross (8)

  14  Obscure like this clue (7)

  16  ‘Gentle ……. led my steps astray’  Shelley (6)

  18  Country pursuit sounds like informal royal greeting (6)

  19  Sort of farewell addressed to the ladies of Spain (5)

  21  Watch out! Fingal’s home (4)

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