Issue 363: Crossword No.363 – printable

1 February 2024

Crossword by Boffles



    1  Experimental sleeping platform? (7)

    5  ‘God gives all men all …. to love’ Kipling (5)

    8  Raised a titter at Tyburn? (7,6)

    9  Allegedly, some prefer to be dead rather then this (3)

  10  Craving affection I come between want and loch (9)

  12  Model behaviour (6)

  13  A psalm for circulation essential (6)

  15  What bride has time for Jean-Jacques? (9)

  16  Hack thespian (3)

  18  A tree, for crying out loud (7,6)

  20  A greeting and more of the same for toys (5)

  21  Dearest confused if so treated by police (7)


    1  Is this sort of mum a man-eater? (5)

    2  Not the sort of voyage Columbus embarked on (4-9)

    3  Poet’s firearms (9)

    4  Lively person and sleigh puller (6)

    5  Bone without ends gets the bird (3)

    6  Sounds as if they know all about motorways and the like (6,7)

    7  Tweedy area and a spicy mix (7)

  11  Novel combining Roman ego and emperor (1,8)

  12  ‘When I became a man, I …  … childish things’  Corinthians (3,4)

  14  Female crew you need to watch (6)

  17  Made a cat noise includes marital status (5)

  19  Pubs without one direction often found with outs (3)

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