Issue 359: Crossword No.359 – printable

7 September 2023

Crossword by Boffles



    6  Comic French regional perception (6,6)

    7  House made earlier? (6)

    8  Sharpness when you are based in a city (6)

    9  Just water (4)

  10  Castle sheltering a small village within its walls (8)

  12  Home counties pot boilers (3-5)

  16  What a teetotaller is colloquially a drink (4)

  18  Arrogantly self-centered Meredith character (6)

  20  Makes things worse when added to injury (6)

  21  ‘Hail to thee, ….. …..! Bird thou never wert’  Shelley (6,6)


    1  Aimless boats? (8)

    2  Bomb-making film in in one sense (6)

    3  Did old ones serve their country in hot climes? (6)

    4  Found a use in the Bible (4)

    5  Wizard chap with clay? (6)

    6  One direction or another for old-style Scandinavian (5)

  11  Lifeboat designed for couples (5,3)

  13  Female’s companion a bit more active than a walker? (6)

  14  Is a kipper so completely dejected? (6)

  15  Not enough sky around little devil (6)

  17  Island available for rent (5)

  19  Greek letter not one of which indicates a total absence (4)


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