Issue 355: Crossword No.355 – printable

4 May 2023

Crossword by Boffles

No.355 – Crowning Effort


    7  Whisky additive and what it will be for newspapers (6)

    8  What a king does – controls, we hear (6)

    9  3dn has a great one for approving documents (4)

  10  Ulster monarchist swaps left for right at first to support a particular 3dn (8)

  11  Book origin – of the Windsors, Hanover (7)

  13  Man joins girl for heavenly food (5)

  15  Coach head of it gets to ride in (5)

  17  Read by the more scantily dressed? (7)

  19  What a 21dn does on meeting 3dn (8)

  20  Plaything everybody will hopefully have (4)

  22  Will ring out and not just when glasses are raised (6)

  23  CR’s Alice is marrying one of them (6)


    1  Start of slip slips away to reveal  part of Abbey (4)

    2  US shopping centre handy for the Palace? (4)

    3  A darling according to Burns but can be a bit of an ass (7)

    4  What a worshipper does to give thanks for 3dn’s life of service (5)

    5  His dad is 3dn (8)

    6  Child joins place of learning for what the choir should be in (6)

  12  Describes peers if directions are taken away but they are not so qualified to attend the ceremony (8)

  14  Communication let’s hope Harry stays on (7)

  16  Does 3dn get told any home ones at Highgrove? (6)

  18  Eat well – on coronation chicken perhaps (5)

  20  Topping animal as far 23ac are concerned (4)

  21  Unknown youth Camilla will not keep waiting (4)

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