Issue 350: Crossword No.350 -printable

8 December 2022

Crossword by Boffles



    7  Shady city known for endless pizzazz (6)

    8  Unfairly thwart aristo embracing second class (6)

    9  Skill without beginning  produces life-saving device (4)

  10  An Anna who tragically put her life on the line (8)

  11  Re-work communist 9ac (7)

  13  Sign outside rental property shows I left restroom (2,3)

  15  Second home to which Russian ‘yes’ is key (5)

  16  Quandary resulting when one girl left another? (7)

  18  Sayings brought to book (8)

  19  Set it to start voyage (4)

  21  A club can help you think hard? (6)

  22  Persian square and I am found in it (6)


    1  Kind of fence sounds a laugh (2-2)

    2  Russian medic & poet found it difficult to find a publisher (6,7)

    3  Advisable to do so only on the pitch in Qatar (4,3)

    4  Bedtime noise. Boring! (5)

    5  Some Tory rats already have (9,4)

    6  A famous victory, as Kaspar told little Wilhelmine (8)

  12  Adolf put a ring on her finger in the end (3,5)

  14  Attractive counterpart of lose some (7)

  17  Super flat fish (5)

  20  The terrible Russian chap (4)

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