Issue 339: Crossword No. 339 – printable

22 September 2022

Crossword by Boffles



    1  Voter who did not want to leave (8)

    7  Comic character who, we hear, was faulty (5)

    8  Plotter like Henry and Captain Cook (9)

    9  Tree Cockney captain orders crewman to take? (3)

  10  Can be made with corned beef or of anything (4)

  11  Fear created by female privilege (6)

  13  Conclusion from last English letter (6)

  14  Counsel can be good or bad (6)

  17  Guy who wanted Parliament to go with a bang (6)

  18  What muckrakers want? (4)

  20  Behold a German lake (3)

  22  Final demand like that given by Chamberlain to Hitler (9)

  23  What somebody with a volcanic temper is likely to do (5)

  24  Sort of error welcomed by player on the other side of the net (8)


    1 Only bet it if you are prepared to lose all your lifestock (5)

    2 The caravan does even though the dogs bark, we are told (5,2)

    3 Shakespearean standard bearer (4)

    4 Old legal right to obtain money by force? (6)

    5  Tessa can be one (5)

    6  The French are so fashionable (1,2,4)

    7  Military formation found in the kitchen (7)

  12  Lavish meal caught on film (4,3)

  13  Over-exposed gentleman (7)

  15  Very stupid chump in charge (7)

  16  Licked like losers (6)

  17  Bored like a fatted calf (3,2)

  19 Many a person is when mated (5)

  21 Is loaded but sounds like I love Latin (4)

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