10 June 2021

Crossword by Boffles

Huge file boffles crossword is shown in a hat sweating over the crossword on his mobile phone



    1  Position including a yacht club break for us now (10)

    7  Head of SIS and poet create infection (5)

    8  Italian revealed when UK northerner loses start (7)

  10  ‘ Oh, what can  … thee, Knight at arms’  Keats (3)

  11  Ultimate drinking aid is final disaster (4,5)

  13  Quarter found in 9dn (6)

  14  Moor and the necessary equipment (6)

  16  Such set action is not caught on film (3,6)

  19  Leave very old English (3)

  20  Meet somebody, preferably when not behind the wheel (3,4)

  22  Nothing to be gained from such situation (2-3)

  23  When the locks just don’t work? (3,4,3)



    1  City in 2dn with a name for fruit (7)

    2  Spanish region and a Swedish festival (9)

    3  Holiday a widow reportedly had (6)

    4  Something sticking out you may regret picking up (3)

    5  Basket maker (5)

    6  Home of bottom feeders (5,5)

    9  Jazz city renews loan (3,7)

  12  Star struck from lying on a beach? (3,6)

  15  Elevated road? It ain’t necessarily so (7)

  17  Keen on a Henry or Jane (5)

  18  Pictogram conveying an emotional message (5)

  21  Negative sounding drama (3)


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