7 January 2021

Crossword by Boffles



    7  Pythonesque sort of circus (6)

    8  Ring to enlist (4,2)

    9  Wise group of scientists (4)

  10  Puts words to music (8)

  11  Artist who had a blue period (7)

  13  American one is of prosperity for all (5)

  15  Capital when also includes US state (5)

  16  Breeds something to batten down (7)

  18  Where the voters are peripheral? (8)

  19  Pawn something drunk with seltzer (4)

  21  ‘Anyone for ……?   Wouldn’t that be nice? ‘  Cream (6)

  22  Cheerfulness exhibited by such  girls (6)



    1  Jumper particularly unwelcome in the ear (4)

    2  George Smiley or James Bond perhaps? (8,5)

    3  Such people shall grow not old (7)

    4  A cereal suitable for the greedy? (5)

    5  Choose short Richard to preside over hot seat (8,5)

    6  Beer drinking contest not worth joining in? (4,4)

  12  Capri chap on his own (8)

  14  Pull time for commercial transport (7)

  17  Restless like insects’ nest (5)

  20  Large urban area populated by money men (4)


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