Issue 229: Crossword No.229 – printable

16 April 2020

Crossword by Boffles

Huge file version of Boffles cartoon



    6  Confinement where you act as your own gaoler (4-9)

    8  Punished for lacking cash? (8)

    9  Not good when combined with graces (4)

  10  Deputise for absent parents (4-3)

  12  ‘Your health’ Scandinavian style (4)

  14  A Russian – with a bad name? (4)

  16  Muddled pleaser hopefully avoided by the sick (7)

  19  Irritation allegedly felt by seven year marrieds (4)

  20  Every soldier’s contains a field-marshal’s baton, so Napoleon thought (8)

  22  Top politician for whom things got intense (5,8)



    1  Many a true word said in it (4)

    2  Liverish part of Ireland? (6)

    3  ‘The ploughman homeward ….. his weary way’ Gray (5)

    4  What we are under from coronavirus (6)

    5  Card game and flashy car for commodity in short supply (3,5)

    7  Seven French in charge infected (6)

  11  Gibbon wrote one, Churchill another (1,7)

  13  Painted card players and bathers inter alia (7)

  15  Where we are but not entertaining (2,4)

  17  Help given by team mate to goal scorer (6)

  18  Glide over a surface quietly to cut corners (5)

  21  Girl who receives a mixed education (2-2)


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