Issue 224: Crossword No.224 – printable

21 November 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Huge file version of Boffles cartoon



    1  Volcanic discharge (4)

    3  Cautious behaviour of a girl? (8)

    8  Kind of war you get in sale rooms (7)

  10  Light amplification device with cosmetic applications (5)

  11  Provision of meals to hotel guests features the Marx Brothers (4,7)

  13  Changes words beginning with a religious one (6)

  15  Kind of jokes told by sweeps? (6)

  18  Property person held in low esteem (6,5)

  21  What the RAF aim for according to their motto (5)

  22  Widowed lady incorporates wit (7)

  23  Aircraft equipment whose mechanism is hidden? (5,3)

  24  ‘La donna e mobile’ or ‘Nessun dorma’, for example (4)



    1  Paradoxically, a time when Americans do not work (5,3)

    2  Half of Uruguayan capital something to watch (5)

    4  Look at or esteem (6)

    5  Your belly at risk here (5)

    6  Perspiration and problem-free (2,5)

    7  OT book or Pound? (4)

    9  Nice advantage to have and not just on the racecourse (6,5)

  12  Panic that can affect a mass of people (8)

  14  Vengeful daughter of Agamemnon (7)

  16  Catty sound (5)

  17  Artistic workspace (6)

  19  Enigmatic composer (5)

  20  Mary had a little one (4)


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