3 October 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out



1 Good PR used effectively by tennis players (7)
5 Linesmen are equipped with them (5)
8 African animal starts off alright (5)
9 Man and woman compose opera linked to Fidelio (7)
10 Pub board game (5,8)
11 Helps ease any strain during and after the match (6)
12 Gutsy description of cricket and rugger fan? (6)
15 Top grade football association (7,6)
17 One of Jesus’ team (7)
19 Where the pyramid scheme was developed? (5)
20 Sportswear you need to put together? (3)
21 Coded distress signal (3)

1 A game fish (5)
2 Pleasure seeker found in clubs but not sports ones (7)
3 First class cleric leads the nation (5,8)
4 Sailor with a full hold? (6)
5 What a lead story is likely to be (5-4,4)
6 Smell a European capital (5)
7 Presumed he had found Dr Livingstone (7)
11 What a losing side gets at half time from its manager (3,4)
13 Runs made without hitting the ball (3,4)
14 Birthplace of the Olympics (6)
16 You have to to participate in a race (5)
18 Good sports walk if they are (3)

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