Issue 212: Crossword No.212 – printable

25 July 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out



    1  Track for horse power rather than horses (11)

    8  Felt by some when watching cricket (5)

    9  Painter is a chum on the outside (7)

  10  Tiny particle that can be split (4)

  11  A rabbit’s foot, for example (8)

  13  Where people compete with blades (6)

  14  What skiers like to hit (6)

  17  Use famous acquaintances to impress (4,4)

  19  Multiform speed contest (4)

  22  Score unpopular with your teammates (3,4)

  23  The Coliseum was one for gladiators (5)

  24  Where in the middle justice is served? (6,5)



    1  Female graduate ruled by a queen? (5)

    2  19ac named after a US President? (7)

    3  Modern way to facially identify bad guys (1-3)

    4  Something in Yorkshire (6)

    5  Where long on and long off lurk (8)

    6  Derby home (5)

    7  Unreal how this sport is usually played (6)

  12  Expel from uni (4,4)

  13  What free climbers need to do (4,2)

  15  French dish and water for flat high ground (7)

  16  A bouncer requires a fast one (6)

  18  Descriptive of the second Monday of Wimbledon (5)

  20  Pass laws in a dramatic way? (5)

  21  Powder used by babies and sportsmen (4)

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