18 July 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out



    7  Geographical feature devoted to chips? (7,6)

    8  Global web (8)

    9  Key figure in 7ac and creator of many (4)

  10  Life science industry (7)

  12  Are computer chips really so inexpensive? (5)

  14  Temporary deviations from the norm can appear on screen (5)

  16  Enigmatic instructions on how to behave at the pub? (7)

  19  Request for a reply (4)

  20  Pull too hard to go into the red (8)

  22  PC sports (8,5)



    1  Rugger player the pride of Britain? (4)

    2  Some of such minds work in 7ac (6)

    3  Social media enables people to with others (7)

    4  Ardent peronista (5)

    5  Prophet fed by birds (6)

    6  Essential kit for creating electronic documents (8)

  11  ‘All the people we used to know They’re an …….. to me now’ Bob Dylan (8)

  13  Sort of adviser you go to when looking for 9ac (7)

  15  Short-life restaurants (3-3)

  17  It’s a gift for the French (6)

  18  What a chap wears when he starts PC? (5)

  21  7ac is in the Bay one (4)




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