13 June 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out



    1  Island famous for godfathers (6)

    4  A party is the start of loves madly (6)

    9  One  emperor was believed ….. of ruling if he never had (7)

  10  The Americans declare all men are created so (5)

  11  What you are after using a towel (5)

  12  Peach of a drink and Venetian artist (7)

  13  Tripped tramping the moors? (4-7)

  16  Where to drink Manhattans? (3,4)

  18  Greek island formed by oversize US uncle (5)

  21  Plunges into seedy bars (5)

  22  More village fete than national lottery (7)

  23  Help given to goal scorer (6)

  24  Flower often used for corsages (6)



    1  Split from politically speaking (6)

    2  Island popular with celebs ancient and modern (5)

    3  Generous politician? (7)

    5  ‘All people that on earth do….’  Hymn (5)

    6  French island for meeting up again (7)

    7  You may need a stick to take this picture (6)

    8  Damp covers spoil the fun (3,8)

  14  Henry VIII had five (2-5)

  15  Beautiful but troubled Indian valley (7)

  16  Girl of Russian origin (5)

  17  One of calm may well not be in the desert (5)

  19  How cows wander idly about? (5)

  20  Small tough splinter of glass (5)


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