16 May 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out



    7  Chartered accountants chop nuts (6)

    8  Sheltered side road gives room to manoeuvre (6)

    9  Hardy heroine (4)

  10  Vessels used for diplomacy (8)

  11  What you learn to sew inside (7)

  13  Worn by pilots to give them gravitas? (1-4)

  15  ‘Abou Ben Adhem (may his ……. increase)’  Leigh Hunt (5)

  16  Push or cast down (7)

  18  Up in the air electronics (8)

  19  Many go down it daily without ill effects (4)

  21  Grand railway glad rags (6)

  22  Simple organism but ending with an English degree (6)



    1  Foodstuff suggested by Marie Antoinette (4)

    2  Referee discloses wrongdoing (7-6)

    3  A score that gives no pleasure to the scorer (3,4)

    4  Prison sound of the warders’ keys? (5)

    5  Outward show that can be practical or political (13)

    6  ‘The ….. and the Kings depart’  Kipling (8)

  12  Goodbye to our friends across the Channel (2,6)

  14  You might be rudely told to mind your own such polish (7)

  17  Recording material (5)

  20  ‘ So won’t you, please, be my, be my ………’   The Ronettes (4)



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