14 March 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Huge file version of Boffles cartoon



    1  Heaven for bargain hunters (4)

    3  German aristocrat lost in the River Plate (4,4)

    8  Rubbish daughter not accepted (7)

  10  Garden tools essential for 5dn (5)

  11  Government desk jockeys (11)

  13  Was it Gilbert or Sullivan who wrote them? (6)

  15  A university teacher is a handsome lad (6)

  17  Warning of extinction popular with the mob (5,6)

  20  Add heart for a pin-up (5)

  21  Sea god found in the sky (7)

  22  Short jaunts (3,5)

  23  What this is (4)



    1  Game in which it is OK to grope? (8)

    2  Somebody who serves his time drawing nude models? (5)

    4  Make less about Mussolini (6)

    5  Popular street food (4,3,5)

    6  Chicken French painter (7)

    7  Young man was advised to go in the opposite direction (4)

    9  Best room for resolving tricky internal issues? (4,7)

  12  So to speak (2,2,4)

  14  Bolshy organisation that fought the Whites (3,4)

  16  Facial feature starts instruction to stay cheerful (4,2)

  18  ‘ All ……  are within the Church’s gate’  Herbert (5)

  19  Nose and navel jewellery (4)




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