Issue 191: Crossword No.191 – printable

28 February 2019

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out



    1  Dancer with twice the energy? (2-2)

    3  Helps create a harmonious environment, so they say (4,4)

    9  Country full of anger? (7)

  10  Cutting its strings may be a battle for independence (5)

  11  They chop off limbs but not in hospitals (4,8)

  13  Turn down and whatever is turned down (6)

  15  Puritan poet and polemicist (6)

  17  Nickname of Royal gaffer (4,3,5)

  20  Informal boss (3)

  21  Use a knife to divide unfairly? (5,2)

  22  The Olympics are their ultimate test (8)

  23  Island found in the Thames (4)



    1  All that does so is not precious metal (8)

    2  Canada or greylag, perhaps (5)

    4  Senior citizens often linked with gamblers (6)

    5  Solemn ANZACs have a role in Hamlet? (12)

    6  A difficult one to crack (4,3)

    7  Do you remember an ……, Miranda?’  Belloc (3)

    8  The trial of Oscar Wilde or O J Simpson, for example (5,7)

  12  Venomous and aggressive milieu (5,3)

  14  One of his witnesses may try to convert you (7)

  16  Smart French article used for gum (6)

  18  ‘Lycidas’ is a pastoral one written by 15ac (5)

  19  Mogul capital with world-famous buildings (4)



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