Issue 172: Crossword No.172 – printable

4 October 2018

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out


1 Building material easy to handle (5)
4 Gin or vodka? Olive or a twist? (7)
8 Used to communicate in the afterworld? (4,9)
9 Tool used to trim the workforce? (3)
10 Breathing apparatus (4)
11 Warning shout about a shot to those in front (4)
13 Restoratives required after too many gins? (6)
14 Popular opinion and not just in Rome (3,3)
17 Online diary that can attract followers (4)
18 Accounting intangible much in evidence during the Christmas season (8)
21 Sailing ship that cut the voyage time? (7)
22 Kind of lawful (5)
23 Electric fire loses start for somebody who enjoys their food (5)
24 Short time to record a meeting (7)

1 Episodic audio files available for download (7)
2 Mercantile Orangeman fights for workers’ rights (5,8)
3 Security provided by an Ivy League scrum member? (4,4)
4 Spanish word used by a procrastinator (6)
5 Chaotic retreat of defeated troops (4)
6 Clique likely to reject outsiders (2-5)
7 Children are a problem (5)
12 Answer is blowin in the wind or so he said (3,5)
15 Roman governor exercises with son (7)
16 Mob attack suffered by Jews (6)
17 Slang term for the enemy in WW1 and WW2 (5)
19 Moulded piece of pure metal (5)
20 Incentive provided by, among other things fame, avarice and applause (4)

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