Issue 159: Cossword No.159 – printable

21 June 2018

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out


1 Enemies of the TV Doctor (6)
4 Religion founder (6)
9 City over-run by Vesuvius (7)
10 Flow of water that has been a major naval base (5)
11 Rugger formation that can turn into a melee (5)
12 Facebook is a social one (7)
13 A fortnight of court action here (9)
17 Former pupils but not necessarily aged (3,4)
19 Island that hosted the Durrells (5)
21 Singing group (5)
22 Theban king with a bit of a mummy complex (7)
23 Japanese emperor and opera star (6)
24 A Spanish one came to grief on our shores (6)

1 Forcibly remove from office (6)
2 What the French holiday beside when on the Riviera (2,3)
3 Maintain mother in silence (4,3)
5 You cause trouble if you …….. the apple cart (5)
6 Fearsome beast swallows nothing for a cavalryman (7)
7 Cold state but can be baked (6)
8 Learning an instrument quietly? (5,6)
13 Married state (7)
14 The game that clinches it (7)
15 Film combining love with laughs (6)
16 Will hosting the World Cup improve its image? (6)
18 What both bow and stroke use (3)
20 Music you do not want to take (3)

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