Issue 156: Crossword – Plain Vanilla 33 – printable

31 May 2018

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out

Plain Vanilla 33

1 ‘ A woman should never be seen eating or drinking . unless it be ……. salad and Champagne’ Lord Byron (7)
5 The one in your locale might be The Fox and Hounds or The Red Lion (3)
8 Places of conflict (13)
9 Sounds like bullets but said by a Latin lover (3)
10 Things end up on it at the end of their useful life (9)
12 Expression of disbelief invoking part of your body (2,4)
13 Printer type (3-3)
15 ‘Passion makes idiots of the ……… men’ de La Rochefoucauld (9)
16 A dupe used to drink? (3)
18 Out to make an impression – not necessarily in military uniform (7,2,4)
20 Inquisitive parker (5)
21 Hopefully, there is one left for every girl (2,5)

1 Scaly Zodiac sign but not Pisces (5)
2 Do they come last in the marine food chain? (6-7)
3 Optical aid misused by Nelson (9)
4 Roy or Ginger? (6)
5 Funny sounding SE Asian street food (3)
6 Sport for thrill-seekers involving an elastic cord (6,7)
7 Old-style drunken and objectionable fellow (7)
11 Key to red Burgundy (5,4)
12 Where Alexander the Great came from (7)
14 Infrequently (6)
17 Sleeveless padded jacket popular with classy ladies (5)
19 Sauce used in Chinese cuisine (3)

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