Issue 155: Crossword – Language Skills – printable

24 May 2018

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out

Language Skills

6 Certainly required when a case is ……in Court (6)
8 Prophet who no doubt found them useful (6)
9 Written with a phone? Not necessarily (4)
10 How you speak when you are an original inhabitant? (8)
11 Most of us get by with just this (7)
13 You need to engage it before exercising them (5)
15 Animal noise not a sign of them even if a kind of communication (5)
16 Where they are taught (7)
17 They are immensely if unquantifiably so (8)
19 They are useful if it is Scrabble or Charades (4)
21 Bird hunting arbiter of 11ac usage (6)
22 Limited opportunity for exercising them favoured by Trump (6)

1 Such speech has no restraints (4)
2 Do you have them several times over if you are this? (12)
3 Used his to write poetry (5)
4 Eloquent but not gold standard (6-7)
5 Female telephonist with additional skills? (4,4)
7 Did Hamlet exercise his in this? (6)
12 A good one excels in story-telling (8)
14 Do they mark where you come from? (7)
18 They are lacking when we are (4)
20 Unspeaking (4)

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