Issue 153: Crossword – Current Affairs – printable

10 May 2018

Crossword by Boffles

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out

Current Affairs

1 Ship problem found this ministry rudderless (4,6)
7 Current state of H and M (5)
8 Street where journalists shout questions which will not be answered (7)
10 Business body that like 9dn backs frictionless trade with 22dn (3)
11 Irish border is a tricky one to ………. (9)
13 Emotion of the Tories when they held Wandsworth? (4)
14 Danger is that Iran will recommence development of such weapons (6)
17 Government is said to be failing such communities (5)
19 Are you saving to open one this year? (3)
20 What methods did the Senate use to question its Director designate? (3)
21 Will they retain control of Richmond next time? (3,4)
23 Speaker Bercow seems to have a big one (3)
24 Trump apparently is, even if you think he has had a few every time he opens his mouth (2)
25 The US has been quick to re-activate its second one to meet the Russian threat (5)


1 Soon to join Newton and Darwin in Westminster Abbey (7)
2 Corbyn crony but with a suit and tie (9)
3 How are we going to care for those in it? (3,3)
4 The Labour party is not for them (3)
5 Facing a trade war with the US (5)
6 Not the answer according to Trump – just look at UK knife crime (3,7)
9 Minister in favour of frictionless trade with 22dn (4,5)
12 Will Trump and Kim Jong-un go head to head at their one? (4,1,4)
15 Has grand ideas but struggling to get les trains to run on time (6)
16 Toyota is stopping sale of such cars (6)
18 Is one going to take your job? (5)
22 Will we ever leave it? (2)

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