Issue 152: Crossword – Plain Vanilla 32 – printable

Medium sized Boffles Sweats it Out


1 Chewing this leaf may give you a bit of a buzz (4)
3 Nervy birdwatcher (8)
9 Famous artist and cartoonist (7)
10 Companion of Scott who nobly went out for some time (5)
11 Cocktail favoured by opponents of the Bolsheviks? (5,7)
13 Mad king of Bavaria (6)
15 17ac sang about one over disturbed water (6)
17 One half of a musical duo (3,9)
20 Italian beloved takes me in for Middle Eastern capital (5)
21 Fishermen’s catch or overall profit (3,4)
22 Applied for benefits (6,2)
23 Monarch favoured by opponents of the Bolsheviks (4)

1 Charles’ duchy (8)
2 Sybaritic Italian island (5)
4 Oyster eater who said it was time to talk of many things (6)
5 Female apparel made up of menswear? (7,5)
6 Titfer decoration (7)
7 Fishermen may have to early to catch the morning one (4)
8 Where drinkers gather (8,4)
12 JFK said he was one (8)
14 Julie Christie film, dear (7)
16 Old French currency adds nothing for a dictator (6)
18 Poet with a penchant for odes (5)
19 Aerial top guns (4)



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