Issue 135: Crossword – 2018 – What’s on the Cards – printable

4 January 2018

Crossword by Boffles

2018 – What’s on the Cards

1 I managed a country facing unrest (4)
2 Will Catalonia achieve it? (4-4)
8 Where the first Grand Slam will take place – wizard! (2)
9 What we are going to be according to Michael Heseltine and Christine Lagarde (4)
10 What the Democrats will be hoping for in the Mid-Term elections (5)
11 Mother figure who could experience problems in the Fatherland (6,6)
13 At least we can now …. into trade talks (5)
15 Film starring Kim Jong Un? (6)
17 Dress code for her wedding has to be suits (6,6)
20 Let’s hope Boris does not give anybody cause to call him this again (5)
21 Chopper hovering over our armed forces (3)
22 Software often used in 3dn but not a complete automaton (3)
23 Saudi women will be able to hit it for the first time (4)
24 Will the trade one disappear? Fat chance! (3)
25 What you may feel with a 15ac in Washington and another in Pyongyang (4)

1 Lonely State of North Korea (8)
3 Internet fraud unlikely to decline (1-5)
4 Performer who will feature at the Winter Olympics (6,6)
5 Will it call strikes to bring us together? (5)
6 Brexit will not be, even if soft (4)
7 Pessimistic assessment of England’s chances of winning the football World Cup (7,4)
12 Could Jeremy lose it and fall off his bike? (8)
14 May face 21 ac or wield it (7)
16 Capital wanting to cosy up to the EU (6)
18 Car bomb capital (5)
19 Which one will win an Oscar? (4)




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