Issue124:2017 10 12 :Week in Brief Financial

12 October 2017 Week in Brief: BUSINESS AND THE CITY PLUMB TO RIGHTS:  For many years one of the darlings of the Stock Exchange, and latterly of the FTSE100, was Wolseley, the retail and wholesale supplier of bits and bobs to the plumbing industry in Britain in the UK.  For more than 25 years it… Continue reading Issue124:2017 10 12 :Week in Brief Financial

Issue 2:2015 05 14: FOREIGN NEWS

14 May 2015 Week in brief: INTERNATIONAL NEWS   GREECE:  Greece has begun to pay the 200 million euros owed to the IMF this week, by emptying the cash reserves lent to them by the IMF some years ago for emergencies. Prime Minister Tsipras wants to raise more funds by issuing new government debt; the… Continue reading Issue 2:2015 05 14: FOREIGN NEWS

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