Issue 95: 2017 03 09: Oxford (Chin Chin)

09 March 2017 Oxford – An Education For The Feeble Minded? Safe spaces scores should sort the sheep from the goats. By Chin Chin We all like reading about witchcraft and that is one of the main reasons why, when I saw that Michael Gove’s article Silencing dissent will blight our universities in Friday’s The Times… Continue reading Issue 95: 2017 03 09: Oxford (Chin Chin)

Issue 28: 2015 11 12: Links to the Past

12 November 2015 Links To The Past by J R Thomas The traditional pursuit of the comfortably-off country chap (or those who wanted to be thought one) was preserving pheasants.  Preserving in the sense of rearing and then shooting them, that is.  The richer version of this gentleman focused his attention on grouse – wilder,… Continue reading Issue 28: 2015 11 12: Links to the Past

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