Issue 75:2016 10 13:True colours (J.R.Thomas)

13 October 2016 True Colours Four weeks to go by J.R.Thomas There are two strands of opinion on what Donald Trump is about.  Well, there are a lot more, but they certainly fall into two schools of thought.  One is that The Donald is actually an astute carefully calculating politician, adept at reading the popular… Continue reading Issue 75:2016 10 13:True colours (J.R.Thomas)

Issue 69: 2016 09 01: All Well (J.R.Thomas)

01 September 2016 All Well The policy void at the heart of the US campaign by J.R. Thomas Mr Trump’s doctor says that he has never met a man of Mr Trump’s age (that’s 70, folks) in such good health.  Mrs Clinton says that she is vigorously fit and enjoying every minute of her campaign. … Continue reading Issue 69: 2016 09 01: All Well (J.R.Thomas)

Issue 68: 2016 08 25: Week in Brief: International

25 August 2016 Week in Brief: International Europe FRANCE: More Mediterranean and Channel resorts have banned the burkini.  In Nice, four women have already been fined for being insufficiently naked in public, and six others have left the beach after being warned to show more flesh. Prime minister Manuel Valls has supported the bylaws. Mr… Continue reading Issue 68: 2016 08 25: Week in Brief: International

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